Meet Our Presenters!


Rick Ramirez

Growing up in the projects with an absent father means Rick should have been a statistic; he should be dead or in jail. Rick defied the odds and is a former US Marine who became a Teacher of the Year for his school district, founded a non-profit organization, and became a boxing champion. Rick now shares his story with students and teachers across the nation with the intent of helping people reach their full potential.


Franchesca Warren

Since 2002, Franchesca Warren has advocated for equity for all students by promoting literacy as a fundamental right for all students- first and foremost, as a teacher, instructional coach, Literacy Coordinator in both Memphis, Atlanta, and Marietta City Schools and now as a parent advocate and consultant with stakeholders around the world. As a result, she is considered one of the emerging voices in self-care and urban education. Always in search of a way to amplify teacher's voice, Franchesca developed her craft by creating an education think tank, The Educator’s Room, which focuses on teacher education and self-care and traveling around the country helping teachers develop their own expertise. Inspired by her nearly 15 years in the classroom, time collaborating with Instructional Coaches, and work as a Literacy Coordinator, Franchesca has authored several books for teachers, many of which have been used with teachers around the country. In addition, she has served on several boards with NCTE, GCTE, and other professional education organizations. Since 2017, Franchesca founded the Teacher Self-Care Conference- the only conference focused on the mental health of educators. 


Dr. Danny Brassell

For the past two decades, Dr. Danny Brassell has served as an educational advisor to students ranging from preschoolers to rocket scientists. While he has held a variety of titles and worked with leaders from a variety of fields and disciplines, Danny has always considered himself first and foremost a teacher. A highly-sought after speaker, trainer and coach known as “Jim Carrey with a Ph.D.,” Dr. Danny Brassell has spoken to over 3,000 audiences worldwide and authored 16 books, including his latest, Leadership Begins with Motivation. He is the co-founder of, the world’s top reading engagement program.

The SIX Strands of TEACHCON

ESGI's TEACHCON is organized into 6 Instructional Strands. In each strand you will find Professional Development that has been created by industry leaders, focusing on areas within said strand/category.







A note from ESGI CEO, Jim Bowler

Hi! It’s so great to see your interest in ESGI’s first ever virtual conference - a one-of-a-kind offering of inspiring and practical sessions! 
Our mission for over 10 years has been to provide teachers with solutions to overcome the unique challenges of early childhood education. ​ Well, if there was ever a time with unique challenges, the last six months would be in the Hall of Fame.
All of us at ESGI wanted to do something that would truly support our educators and after great brainstorming, we enthusiastically agreed that a free conference led by the greatest luminaries in early education would have a great impact on our community.
There will be 6 strands that will allow you to focus on areas that interest you the most -- and help you build upon the skills that make you such an amazing educator.
So, tell your principal you’re taking a professional development day and sit back and join us for two incredible days.
We hope you enjoy the conference -- I can hardly wait until we start!


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